Bezel-set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Halo Engagement Ring Engraved
Modern Solitair Engagement Ring
Halo Engagement Ring
Three Stone Engagement Ring
Cushion Halo Engagement Ring
Split-Shank Engagement Ring
Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring
Micro-Prong Twist Engagement Ring
Pave Set Engagement Ring
Engraved Engagement Ring
Pave Set Engagement Ring
Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Golden Girl.

If you are not aware, Icing On The Ring is a Tacori “Platinum Partner”. Tacori “Platinum Partners” have extensive inventory levels and are known for providing the best Tacori experience. We not only carry Tacori products from Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and fashion jewelry, we have the largest selection in Southern California. Icing On The Ring is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the historic Jewelry District. So many famous destinations are less than a few miles such as: L.A. Live, AT&T Building, Dodger play roulette online in canada Stadium, Disney Concert Hall, Fashion District, and the list goes on.


Tacori is known for their signature crescents and unique designs in their engagement rings capturing an heirloom and modern finish. As our showroom carries most of all collections including Pretty In Pink, Dantela, Petite Crescent, Royal T, Simply Tacori, Full Bloom, Blooming Beauties, and Reverse Crescent, we will soon be adding the all new Tacori Gold. This collection is produced in 18K Yellow Gold. Here is a sneak peak of Engagement Rings coming soon to Icing On The Ring. The rest of the collection can be viewed online at http://www.tacori.com/engagement/shopby/collection-tacori_gold/

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Rings With Maximum Bling: Styles you’ll love

Okay, so it might be that time where you suspect your better half of proposing soon and you have one thing on mind: Bling on the Ring. If not, then you can also Pin some stunning engagement rings to your “Wedding Day Board”, and that’s fine too! – (guilty)

This selection is for the woman who loves sparkle and not afraid to flaunt it on her special finger. We’ve gathered select styles that will acquaint your desire for bling with Icing On The Ring’s designs and Tacori’s designs. Whether you desire your engagement ring in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, or Platinum, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with these dazzling engagement rings. Take a look at our images and let us know which one is your favorite!



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Engagement Ring Shopping… Where to Start?

When you are out shopping for jewelry, you tend to recall what clothing you have sitting in your closet, right? You find yourself looking for complementing jewelry pieces that you can accessorize with your daytime and evening wardrobe to make a statement of your taste and style. Keep in mind to NOT have this same mentality when you are engagement ring shopping. The design of this everyday ring should not matter whether you are wearing lounge pants, jeans, or a fancy dress. Your engagement ring deserves to make its own statement as a piece that reflects your individual identity and unique personality.

We have gathered some of our favorite jewelry designers carried exclusively by Icing On The Ring to share with you why their collections are our favorites:

Danhov’s handmade designs convey a precise and innovative feel. They are also known to have eco-friendly jewelry.

Tacori’s one-of-a-kind designs are easily recognizable and unmistakable with their patented signature crescents accenting every one of their heirloom-oriented rings.

Gabriel&Co’s intricate, delicate styles present classic themes with art-deco influences to their collection of rings.


Which collection appeals to you?

1-2, Danhov.
3-4, Tacori.
4-5, Gabriel & Co’s Amavida.

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The Uh-Oh’s of Engagement Rings.

Accidents happen all the time. Even the most cautious person might be confronted with the unfortunate dilemma of having lost her diamond engagement ring or wedding band. However, the anxiety associated with even the most extreme cases of loss will be reduced by obtaining the appropriate insurance for your wedding set, which is an important yet easy step. Here are the most common circumstances under which rings can be lost:

-Traveling. There are many ways to lose your ring while you are vacationing and diverted from your everyday routine. You might not realize that you’d forgotten it by the sink in the airplane’s lavatory or on the bedside nightstand of your hotel room until the opportunity to retrieve it is gone. Note: you should NOT have to remove your rings when going through airport security’s metal detector.

-Water Ways. Your ring can easily slide off your finger while you’re taking a dip in the pool or wading in the ocean at the beach, for cold water causes the fingers to both shrink AND become slippery.

-Public Restrooms. Always, always, always check that your ring is still on your finger before exiting a restroom, especially a public one where all kinds of strangers are constantly walking in and out. After washing your hands, double check (trust me, from experience)… If you leave it on, it might slip off your finger and down the drain. When taking it off beforehand, don’t leave it by the sink, where you could easily forget it.

-Trash. Whether unintentionally knocking it off your desk and into the waste basket at work or unwittingly sliding it off while drying your hands with a paper towel in the ladies’ room, once it winds up with the trash it will be gone for good.

Now that you are aware of some of the mishaps that can occur, be mindful of your fingers to ensure that your dazzling rock is still there!

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Congratulations on your recent engagement! Now that he’s finally proposed and you’ve happily accepted to be each other’s forever, here are some tips for the two of you to make the often-hectic pre-wedding period as smooth as possible.

First, announce the happy event by simply placing some phone calls, sending out emails, or posting it on social media. But however you share the big news, be sure to let your parents and siblings in on it before anyone else, then of course your closest friends and other relatives and acquaintances. Once the word is spread, start preparing your “Save the Dates” so that you are not bombarded with “When is your wedding?” and “When are you getting married?” This can give your guests time to plan ahead so that they won’t miss your special day.


Of course you’ve already envisioned the type of wedding you’ve always wanted countless times ever since you were a little girl, but now you and your fiancé have to get together to agree on exactly how you want your shared dream day to take place. Take some time to brainstorm themes, venue location, and all of your other wedding elements.


Setting a budget for the big day can affect the vision you both had in mind. Figuring out what wedding priorities you and your fiancé are in agreement on before approaching family about expenses will make the financial process a bit easier. Try using TheKnot.com’s budgeter, which conveniently breaks down every little detail of your accumulated costs: http://planning.theknot.com/wedding-budget/


While prepping for mayhem, presents will start heading your way, so make it an easy process for your guests by registering with at least 3 different stores the items you will need as you start your new life together. That way, your guests won’t have to stress out wondering what to get for you as a wedding gift. For the best tips browse through http://wedding.theknot.com/online-wedding-registry/wedding-registry-checklist.aspx


When making a big purchase, such as the engagement rings, it is always smart to get it insured. You wouldn’t want to buy a house without getting insurance, right? This is a memento which you and your beloved will carry with you throughout the rest of your lives. It will bring you back to that special day when it all started every time you look down at your finger.


Now carry on and let the wedding planning begin!

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Icing On The Ring has gathered a full list of Tacori’s Engagement Rings that have been on the hot list for the year of 2014. Any of these engagement rings can be made in any precious metal you desire, such as, Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. As a Platinum Partner of Tacori, styles listed below are available at Icing On The Ring including a wide variety of fashion jewelry and wedding bands.


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Engagement Ring Selfie 101

Yes! He finally popped the question and now you have to share the news with the world. Right after you update your Facebook relationship status to engaged, everyone will be requesting a quick pic of your engagement ring. We created “Engagement Ring Selfie 101” to give brides tips on sharing the best #EngagementRingSelfie their family, friends, and followers have ever seen.

Color me captivated


Artists across the world rejoice when it comes to colorful images. Colors captivate audiences and your engagement ring should be shown in all its glory. The world is your palette and you should think about colors like an artist. Mix and match the color of the stone on your engagement ring to give contrast to your picture. Contrast is important in drawing attention to the main object. For example, a blue diamond or sapphire would look most vibrant and dynamic using an orange hue color scheme. Bold colors, vibrant backgrounds, your nails, or even the gem itself can capture the essence of your engagement ring. Colors can also create the mood of the picture. Warm colors have more of an orange or yellow tinge while cooler colors have a blue tint. Play around with these hues and you can set the mood of your engagement ring selfie, whether it’s a warm fuzzy feeling or the coolness of the rock on your finger.

Assess angles and shift settings


When taking your engagement ring selfie, keep in mind that sometimes your favorite details show best when looking at your ring on an angle. Play with that idea. You may even want to break out your camera’s instruction manual and look up the “macro” settings. When you find the perfect perspective, the macro setting will focus in on it. Get those creative juices flowing and start some hand modeling!

If the cut is excellent, the shine is magnificent


The cut of the diamond is the chosen style or design used when shaping the stone. The cut factors in symmetry, proportion, and polish. When cut properly, diamonds appear more luminous. Always remember that a diamond’s cut unleashes its light. As you notice the complex cut of your diamond, you will see a number of facets that add to the sparkle of your engagement ring. Lighting is one way to show off the luminous cut and breathtaking sparkle of your diamond. Many photographers take advantage of the “golden hour” to achieve perfect lighting. The time of day may vary depending on the season; however, we recommend using the time frame of approximately one hour before sunset. It’s the perfect time of day for natural light that will make your gems shine bright.

Find a brilliant backdrop

While your engagement ring will be the focus of the image, you can really show your personality in the backdrop. Try placing your hand on your favorite magazine, show off the company he bought the ring from, or take shots in front of your favorite spot. An interesting backdrop will increase the quality of your engagement ring selfie quite a bit.

Your engagement ring deserves its own spotlight. The key to a good photo is to make sure the audience knows what the main focus is. In this case, it’s your engagement ring. Using all those different techniques such as color contrasting and lighting, you can focus on capturing the essence of your engagement ring. Try not to make the image too cluttered, and choose just one of your best shots. Less is more and selecting only one photo will stand out for sure.

Crop & Photoshop


There are countless photo sharing tools for smartphones that can turn any regular picture into a work of art. The world of photography apps is endless and there are countless free options. Instagram is perhaps the most recognizable. With so many available filters, effects, and cropping tools, your engagement ring selfie will certainly stand out from the rest.

Find The Right Ring


An excellent engagement ring selfie starts with that remarkable ring. Here, at Icing on the Ring, we understand that your engagement ring is a sacred jewel. We will show you how the color, clarity, cut, and carat can affect the appearance of the diamond in your engagement ring. And we will guide you through every step in choosing a quality and awe-inspiring ring. Once your heart or sweetheart finds the perfect ring, it’s time for your friends and family to see the hand of the new bride-to-be

Habitual Hashtagging

Make it a habit to apply hashtags and share your engagement ring selfie with everyone including us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, using #EngagementRingSelfie.


Learn more about diamonds and engagement rings at IcingOnTheRing.com

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Rose Gold: Metal of the Moment

Whether you are in the process of choosing an engagement ring or just pinning pictures of them on your board, do ever you notice which color metal you have been gravitating towards? Most of those pictures you save are likely to be of platinum or white gold. Lately, though, we’ve been noticing a trend of rose gold engagement rings. Some might be surprised that such a color could even be an option, while others who already know of and are intrigued by it might nevertheless wonder just how it could enhance their wedding jewelry.

Since the beginning of 2014, the metal of the moment for engagement rings has been rose gold. This warm, soft, blushing metal gives off a vintage, heirloom appearance as well as an air of romantic exclusivity. This fashionable trend has been taking many forms, from an all-rose wedding set to an alternating mix of metals among an engagement ring bookended between twin wedding bands. Rose gold can be incorporated into any type of setting, whether it’s a classic solitaire, a halo ring, or even a three-stone setting. If rose gold is not a part of your daily jewelry collection it can be a drastic change at first, but keep in mind that this choice of color would highlight your distinctive engagement ring against everything else in your wardrobe!


If you are feeling a little adventurous but do not want a dramatic change, a classic solitaire in rose gold can be a timeless look. Do you want more of a vintage, glamorous feel to your ring? Try a pave setting with milgrain accents that can create an effortless appearance. Tacori’s Pretty In Pink collection integrates the perfect tone of rose gold and exudes a dainty, unique, heirloom vibe that is complemented with their signature crescent design. Taking a look at this selection urges you to give rose gold a try.


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Are you a bride-to-be or doing the planning for the big wedding? Not to fear… we’ve gathered the top ten latest, hottest wedding trends of 2014. Covering bouquets, dresses, décor, and more, we have the complete list of trends to be expected this year!

1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond.
Grand chandeliers often grace the scenes of wedding ceremonies as the bride walks down the aisle, and also adorn the venues of wedding receptions where the newlyweds enjoy their first dance as husband and wife. If you are an admirer of this elegant lighting feature it can be applied to any wedding, no matter what the theme is.


photos c/o, Annakim-stylemepretty.com, apartmenttherapy.com, Lauramurray-stylemepretty.com

2. Rose Gold.
Have you ever considered choosing rose gold for your engagement ring or wedding band? This metal gives a soft, warm, romantic feel and also complements any skin tone. Tacori’s “Pretty in Pink” collection consists of an effortless, tasteful, stylish, selection of rose gold rings. If you’re not really a big fan, then try going with a classic, timeless setting like a solitaire.


photos c/o

3. Pastels with A Pop.
Pastel tones have been and always will be the top wedding palette pick, no matter what season. A pantone palette with a mix of pastels gives the traditional look a little edge.


photos c/o
clipzine.me.com, honestlyyumfloral.com, weddbook.com

4. Going Green.
This year is all about DIY. A top theme for 2014 has been having a whimsical, outdoor, fairytale wedding. From DIY centerpieces to flower crowns, this finishing touch gives an organic, natural vibe.


photos c/o
Clary Pfeiffer photography, Marissa McClure photography, Rachel Ledbetter photography

5. Letting Loose.
It’s time to be let your floral bouquet not be so evenly shaped and to let the vines do the talking. There’s no need to stress on how much one flower is sticking out more than the others… having an asymmetrical bouquet with the stem sticking out is the new perception of perfection.


photos c/o
(A)Strid photography, Hazelton photograph

6. Lace and Shoulders.
Inspired by the Royal Wedding, designers have made lace and shoulder decals a dynamic duo this year. Marchesa, Reem Acra, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lluhillier, and Jenny Packham have been presenting a variety of silhouettes with lace shoulders. One could say that it’s Grace Kelly with a modern touch.


photos c/o

7. Mismatch is the New Match.
Ever since Big left Carrie hanging at her wedding on “Sex and the City”, we still can’t forget how fabulous the bridesmaids looked. This particular scene has inspired many wedding planners to take the bridesmaids’ fashion to another level. Of course, all eyes should still be on the bride!


photos c/o
MagnolliaRouge.com, pinterest.com

8. One-Bite Appetizers.
Snacking on finger foods during the cocktail reception can be a little messy. Instead, try serving a variety of one-bite appetizers.


photos c/o
Habitat Events, Hgtvbites.com, Yummly.com

9. Patterns, Please.
Applying patterns to your color scheme is the newest trend this year. With different shapes and sizes, this is a twist that can add your unique, personal touch and style to your wedding. Carry your theme throughout all of the little details, including invitations, reception décor, bouquets, and the cake. Don’t be afraid to have fun with different prints, such as chevrons, stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes, ikat, or even tribal prints!


photos c/o
Mike Larson photography, NiceWeddingz.com, WeHeartIt.com

10. Sparkle On.
Every girl loves a little sparkle, so why not incorporate it into your wedding? Examples of a dash of something sparkly can be anything from hanging twinkly lights to glitter on your invitations, centerpieces, or chair covers. This trendy touch can add a little fun to your special day.


photos c/o
Andi Grany photography, One Love photography, pinterest.com

Now that you’ve been familiarized with the basics of what to expect this year, you can venture out and be confident in whatever you plan!

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Jessica and Hector were one of the more memorable couples with whom Icing On The Ring had the pleasure of working with. They walked into Icing On The Ring with a unique theme already set in their minds; their idea was dramatic, dark, and delightful. Their special wedding theme featured the Mexican traditions of the Day of the Dead celebration.

In this particular happy ending (or should we say beginning), Jessica’s wedding ring encompassed the dark theme of their wedding. Hector chose a beautiful, black diamond halo engagement ring, which was very fitting for his bride-to-be. This couple conveyed a mutual love for the culture and artistic expressions from the Day of the Dead celebration. In their wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen wore all black, which is symbolic of mourning death. Every detail, including the invitations, favors, and décor, tied into the “Till Death Do Us Part” wedding theme. It was gothic, yet glamorous. The couple’s unique and shared qualities shined on their wedding day. Their wedding theme obtained a special place on Offbeat Bride, a blog that highlights creative alternative wedding styles. We feel honored that Jessica and Hector chose Icing On The Ring as their jeweler to design a custom engagement ring for their distinctive taste.


For those who are not already aware, Icing On The Ring strives to create a personalized experience between you and yours. A special service we provide for brides, grooms, and other clientele is our custom designing experience. Like Jessica and Hector, our couples may select a custom style that best fits and represents their unique love or wedding theme. We guide our couples – and at times they guide us – through the entire process of picking the perfect engagement ring. Our team of graduate gemologists and seasoned designers will craft your custom engagement ring with high quality diamonds and detailed workmanship. Thank you for your trust in us, Jessica and Hector, till death do thee part.

For your own custom design experience, make an appointment with us. Icing On The Ring is the premier jeweler in the Los Angeles Jewelry District.

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Icing on the Ring Showroom and Logo

ABOUT US  Family-owned and family-operated, Icing On The Ring is the premier jeweler in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. Our extensive showroom has a wide variety of stunning engagement rings and custom jewelry. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you personally to select the perfect engagement ring to match your loved one's style preferences and to stay within your budget. Our team of graduate gemologists and seasoned designers will then craft your custom engagement ring with high quality diamonds and detailed workmanship. It is our goal to help you get the answer you are looking for, "Yes"! Read more about us.

We are the exclusive Tacori retailer
in the LA Jewelry District

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