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Jessica and Hector were one of the more memorable couples with whom Icing On The Ring had the pleasure of working with. They walked into Icing On The Ring with a unique theme already set in their minds; their idea was dramatic, dark, and delightful. Their special wedding theme featured the Mexican traditions of the Day of the Dead celebration.

In this particular happy ending (or should we say beginning), Jessica’s wedding ring encompassed the dark theme of their wedding. Hector chose a beautiful, black diamond halo engagement ring, which was very fitting for his bride-to-be. This couple conveyed a mutual love for the culture and artistic expressions from the Day of the Dead celebration. In their wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen wore all black, which is symbolic of mourning death. Every detail, including the invitations, favors, and décor, tied into the “Till Death Do Us Part” wedding theme. It was gothic, yet glamorous. The couple’s unique and shared qualities shined on their wedding day. Their wedding theme obtained a special place on Offbeat Bride, a blog that highlights creative alternative wedding styles. We feel honored that Jessica and Hector chose Icing On The Ring as their jeweler to design a custom engagement ring for their distinctive taste.


For those who are not already aware, Icing On The Ring strives to create a personalized experience between you and yours. A special service we provide for brides, grooms, and other clientele is our custom designing experience. Like Jessica and Hector, our couples may select a custom style that best fits and represents their unique love or wedding theme. We guide our couples – and at times they guide us – through the entire process of picking the perfect engagement ring. Our team of graduate gemologists and seasoned designers will craft your custom engagement ring with high quality diamonds and detailed workmanship. Thank you for your trust in us, Jessica and Hector, till death do thee part.

For your own custom design experience, make an appointment with us. Icing On The Ring is the premier jeweler in the Los Angeles Jewelry District.

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Picking the perfect engagement ring

When planning an engagement, one must take into consideration a lot of different variables before getting that special ring. You need to make sure that the engagement ring you’re getting fits the person’s personality. If you’re proposing to someone, you want to make sure that you buy a ring appropriate to the time you’ve been together. If you have been with the person long term, spending a significant amount on an engagement ring is definitely worth it. What’s even more significant than price is that fact that you should know the person you’re buying the engagement ring for. It’s helpful to know if they are allergic to any precious metals. If not, find out if they prefer platinum or gold. If gold is their precious metal of choice, find out if they like white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Personalizing the design of the engagement ring also adds a unique touch. A gem is a great way to accent an engagement ring, but make sure you know what gem to get. It makes a difference…a very big difference. Popular gems of choice are usually diamonds or colored precious and semi-precious gems. Knowing the 4 C’s of diamonds is very important in order to choose the right diamond for your budget. Understanding the difference between certifications like GIA and EGL will also be helpful in picking the perfect diamond for the engagement ring. There are several different shapes such as round, princess, cushion, heart, pear, emerald, radiant, oval, and more. Some ladies desire a specific brand of engagement rings such as the exquisite, yet timeless, designs of Tacori. There is a vast amount of choices you can select from, but picking the perfect engagement ring will make all the difference to your special someone. Remember that the more personal you make the ring, the more sentimental it will be now and forever. You’ll always be the apple of her eye if you present the engagement ring of her dreams. Visit Icing On The Ring in LA and our expert jewelers will help you pick the perfect engagement ring.

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The weather is warming up, which means that spring has finally made an appearance. As you begin to switch your wardrobe from winter to spring, don’t forget to change up your jewelry too. Accessories are a fun and easy to way to make the transition from one season to the next.

This spring has many fun trends happening for Los Angeles jewelry. The runways were filled with fringe, not just on clothes but also on bracelets and necklaces. Trade in your heavy stones of winter for a lightweight fringe piece that seems to swing in the spring breeze. If fringe is too much of a statement, consider something smaller that still has a sense of flow, like a drop pendant.

The spring runways also focused on contrasting colors, like black and white. Mimic the trend with a jewelry piece that mixes metals, like white and gold or colored gems and diamonds. For a more spot-on way to do the trend, consider black and white diamond hoops.

Heavy, thick jewelry is big this spring. Look for cuffs and earrings with thicker-than-usual metals. Unusual sizes, twists and turns are also big this spring, so look for styles that are current, rather than traditional, as a way to upgrade pieces that are already in your wardrobe.

Gypsy style has replaced the bohemian look of seasons past, so consider going for the yellow gold with pieces like a citrine and diamond bracelet.

This spring, floral patterns have moved to foreground. Perfect for a traditional springtime look, our collection of Lauren G Adams includes plenty of floral designs. Pair floral bracelets, necklaces and earrings with breezy blouses in solid hues for a look that truly pops out and declares the season. If you’re feeling a little on the wild side, try mixing and matching shapes and colors with skinny print jeans in pastel hues for an even greater pop.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for this spring, or need some inspiration to pull together your spring look, the experts at Icing On The Ring are ready to introduce you to new designs and old favorites. So get rid of your heavy sweaters, but keep your heavy necklaces for a look that says spring 2013.

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The opportunity to shop the entire Tacori collection doesn’t come around often, but just in time for Mother’s Day, Icing On The Ring is hosting an exclusive Tacori Blue Carpet Event featuring all of the Tacori jewels and gems you’ve probably only seen on your computer screen.

For a very special three days, May 9-11, the entire Tacori product line will be brought to life, so that you can see up close and personal all of the glittery gear that is favored by red-carpet regulars on our own special blue carpet. Plus, you’ll be able to talk to our experts for advice on finding the piece that fits your needs and look at the latest Tacori designs.

Not only do you have the chance to view Tacori for yourself, but for those that make an appointment and show up, we will be giving away Tacori Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia earrings.

The Tacori Blue Carpet Event doesn’t come around often, so be sure to check it out, whether you need something special for mom on May 12, or any other special lady in your life, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. As a special offer, you will receive a Tacori gift card worth 10% off your purchase, so you’ll be able to snag something for yourself or more than one of the special people in your life.

If you happen to be shopping for mom, Icing On The Ring is ready to help you out. For Mother’s Day, Icing On The Ring is offering O% financing for 12 months, to make showing mom how much you love and appreciate all the more affordable. We’ll even gift-wrap your selection of glitzy gems so that mom will know how much she means to you.

The Tacori Blue Carpet Event doesn’t happen often, so be sure to make an appointment for the event, taking place May 9, 10, and 11 from 10 am-7 pm in our conveniently located showroom in downtown L.A. Who knows? You may even win a Tacori piece from our giveaway during the special event!

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Now that spring is here and the weather is clear, put away the blankets and DVDs of winter dates and head outdoors for some of these spring date ideas.

Spring means baseball season for sports fans, so score some great seats if you know your date has a love of the game or opt for cheaper seats and great conversation if your date isn’t that into paying attention to the field. Either way, you will have a great time getting to know each other better over food and drinks in an outdoor setting.

Festivals are abundant during the spring, from the major music festivals like Coachella and SXSW to local festivals that celebrate the surrounding area or customs. Look for food truck gatherings, movies in the parks and more festivals that make perfect date settings for both day and night.

Parks are great settings for dates on a budget (or if you are saving up for something special from Icing On The Ring). Goof around on a playground and feel like a kid again. Or go for a hike in the beautiful pristine setting of a national park. The Los Angeles area is filled with national parks, from Runyon Canyon to Griffith Park. Many parks have benches and are the perfect place to propose with a ring from Icing On The Ring.

Hit the beach. Whether you go to an exotic beach or a local hideaway, swimsuit season comes with the warm weather, so go for a handheld stroll next to the water or build a sandcastle. The water and waves and minimal-clothing-required make the perfect setting for romance.

Picnic. Bring along a lunch and suddenly your ordinary outing takes on some very special charm. Many parks have outdoor grills, so you can show off your secret barbeque recipe. Or pack some sandwiches and take a drive to somewhere you’ve never been before and eat along the way.

Movie nights are perfect for dates; you can talk about the film for hours afterward. With the new warm weather, try something new for movie night, find a drive-thru or hit up a public screening in downtown L.A. or a park or even a cemetery for a new twist on a classic date.

Whether you are just getting to know each other, or need to shake things up or even want the perfect venue to propose, there is no limit to the fun you can have on a spring date. At Icing On The Ring, you can find not only expert jewelers, but also experts on romance. Stop in for some ideas on where to pop the question and what ring best suits your future bride.

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Spring has sprung, which means that summer wedding season is just around the corner. To make sure that your wedding is truly an affair to remember, get a head start on your summer wedding with these helpful tips and tricks of the trade:

Have a backup location. Although summer weddings are typically popular because they allow for outdoor events, Mother Nature can still have a quirky sense of humor on the big day. To ensure that nothing can rain on your parade, make sure that you have a backup plan for your location, i.e. the venue will allow you to move the party indoors or you have rented a tent as insurance against the weather.

Send out save-the-dates. Spring is the perfect time to send out save-the-dates before the official invitations. Save-the-dates are especially important for summer weddings because summer is when many people have conflicts with other activities, travel plans and even other weddings!

Consider your guests. It may be your special day, but your loved ones will still want to be comfortable as they help you celebrate. If the weather is hot, provide tiny water bottles, sunscreen, fans, bug repellent and any other cute touches to make sure that your guests stay happy.

Pick your flowers wisely. Summer weather can cause flowers to wilt more easily, especially boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen, as they are worn all day, kept close to the body, and suffer from plenty of hugs. Consult with your florist to choose flowers that won’t wilt easily, or consider a backup boutonnière to ensure that everything really does stay fresh as a daisy.

Choose your time wisely. Midday is usually too hot for a wedding; so later in the day is generally preferred so that the sun isn’t beating down at full force. If you are on a budget, you can also opt for a morning affair, complete with brunch.

Pick your rings. Some couples opt for matching rings, while others prefer to wear family heirlooms for the ceremony and choose their official wedding bands later. To learn more about your ring options, including choosing your style and how and when to order them, contact the professionals at Icing On The Ring.

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Any bride-to-be knows that there is so much to learn and so much to do when planning a wedding. Fortunately, Unveiled – Bridal Style Revealed provides you with a one-stop destination to see the latest in wedding trends.

Unveiled – Bridal Style Revealed is this Sunday, March 24 at the AT&T Center in Los Angeles. The show, called “the best of the West,” by Martha Stewart Weddings, will feature experts on everything stylish, chic and luxurious for the sophisticated bride. From 11 am to 3:30 pm, you’ll have the chance to do and see it all, from sampling cakes from the city’s best bakers to tasting champagne.

Unveiled offers something for everyone, with a curated collection of choice exhibitors who can help you to make your wedding truly special. Whether you come to listen to the Lulu Powers state of the union or spend your time sampling custom cocktails, you’re sure to come away with plenty of great wedding ideas.

As you mingle with trendsetters and style experts at Unveiled, be sure to stop by and see Icing On The Ring. We’ll have lots of great information for brides-to-be and you’ll even have the opportunity to sign up for our exclusive in-store Tacori Trunk Show in May.

Every bride knows that the ring is one of the most important choices to make before the wedding, since you’ll have your engagement ring and wedding band for the rest of your life. Tacori offers a beloved collection of beautiful diamonds and Icing On The Ring is showcasing their entire product line at a special three-day trunk show held in our store May 9-11. At the Unveiled bridal show, you’ll get a special preview of our Tacori event and the opportunity to sign up to attend.

Signing up for the Tacori trunk show is an opportunity not to be missed. The Tacori trunk show will not only feature the entire bridal collection, but will also allow you the chance to see new products from the exclusive launch of the Tacori fashion collection. Attendees will even enjoy jewelry giveaways, sales tax incentives and special financing.

If you are committed to making your wedding truly special, don’t hesitate to get your tickets today for Unveiled. When purchased at the door, tickets cost $40 but you can take advantage of our special pre-sale offer by registering at this link: http://unveiledattcenter-eorg.eventbrite.com/ today. Be sure to enter the promo code ICING for a $10 discount off of the admission price.

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When you are looking for your soul mate, you’ve probably heard that there’s a cover for every pot, or someone out there for everyone. The question, of course, is how you find your ideal beloved in a world of millions. This is where the controversy comes in. Some believe it is just luck to find the perfect person you’ve been looking for. Others, however, believe in the magic of fate.

Movies are full of love stories where the lovers seem like fate brought them together. There are many classics – When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, The Notebook – where it seems as if the couple is simply meant to be together. Even in Romeo and Juliet, the theme of fate runs through the story (although that one probably isn’t the best example). Watching these perfect couples, who met by chance and who came together to be such a perfect fit, it seems hard to imagine that the universe didn’t plan for them to be matched up.

Real-life examples of fate capture our hearts and minds as well. The couple who sits next to each other in kindergarten and who are reunited and get married a few decades later; the lovers who catch each other’s eye on the train and who fall in love instantly and stay that way for 50 years. Everyone’s heard some variation, and almost everyone dreams of finding it for themselves and sealing the deal with a beautiful ring and a lavish wedding.

And yet, who is to say that it was fate that brought those couples together, rather than sheer chance or opportune timing? Perhaps, as Annie Reed said in Sleepless in Seattle, “Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental.” Or as Dennis Reed mused in the same movie: “So what we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing that they are a perfect match.”

Could it really be true that the perfect couple who sat together in kindergarten and who came together decades later may have just been lucky? There’s an argument to be made that it was pure chance – a late bus or an unexpected rain storm – that brought them together, and if the universe had gone just a little differently then they never would have connected.

Of course, perhaps luck and fate go hand-in-hand. Finding love can be hard, and if there is someone you are fated to be with, then you are very lucky to find that person. Once you do, it is up to you to find the perfect ring, jump in with your whole heart, create your own luck and turn your love story into the happy ending you’ve been hoping for.

If you find yourself lucky in love this St. Patrick’s Day, visit Icing On The Ring in the L.A. Jewelry District to find the perfect engagement ring to seal your fate.

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Celebrity relationships are notoriously fickle, with some burning out in as quickly as a weekend. However there is still plenty of romance in Hollywood and many celebrities have been as lucky in love as they are in their careers. Here’s a look at some of the top celebrity engagements, although not every ring means a thing:

Keira Knightley is engaged to The Klaxons rocker James Righton and has the ring to prove it. When her beau proposed last year, Keira received a classic engagement ring: a platinum band with a brilliant solitaire diamond.

Kate Hudson has been engaged to Muse rocker Matt Bellamy for over a year, but there’s no telling when the couple will tie the knot. In the meantime, Kate has been sporting a platinum-set ring with an emerald-cut diamond and tapered baguettes on the sides.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged last year and are said to be tying the knot anytime now. For Jennifer’s lucky in love moment, Justin popped the question with a diamond ring estimated to weigh in around 8 karats.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also got engaged last year. Although they haven’t released an official date, it certainly seems serious with a ring that is rumored to consist of several emerald-cut diamonds weighing a combined total of 16 karats.

Olivia Wilde is engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis and although she plans on a long engagement, has become quite comfortable with sporting her stunning ring. The unique ring features a halo setting around a big round center stone and has a very thin band.

Christina Ricci admitted to getting engaged to James Heerdegen a few months back, after being photographed wearing a ring on her finger.

Miley Cyrus hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring the past couple of days, drawing tabloid attention. Her ring from fiancé Liam Hemsworth was amongst the priciest and most talked about when the couple announced their lucky-in-love moment. The ring features a vintage-cut stone and is surrounded by diamond floral designs.

Katy Perry may have divorced Russell Brand, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone else ready to put a ring on it. For Valentine’s Day, John Mayer gave Katy a heart-shaped ring, but it’s not a traditional-looking engagement ring, so it may be nothing more than a sweet gesture. The yellow gold ring sports colored stones rather than a diamond.

For those looking to show off that they’ve been lucky in love, Icing On The Ring offers a large collection of engagement rings, and rings that just show you care. Whether you want something unique or something inspired by celebrity love, the experts at Icing On The Ring can help you find the perfect fit.

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