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Rings With Maximum Bling: Styles you’ll love

Okay, so it might be that time where you suspect your better half of proposing soon and you have one thing on mind: Bling on the Ring. If not, then you can also Pin some stunning engagement rings to your “Wedding Day Board”, and that’s fine too! – (guilty)

This selection is for the woman who loves sparkle and not afraid to flaunt it on her special finger. We’ve gathered select styles that will acquaint your desire for bling with Icing On The Ring’s designs and Tacori’s designs. Whether you desire your engagement ring in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, or Platinum, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with these dazzling engagement rings. Take a look at our images and let us know which one is your favorite!



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Engagement Ring Shopping… Where to Start?

When you are out shopping for jewelry, you tend to recall what clothing you have sitting in your closet, right? You find yourself looking for complementing jewelry pieces that you can accessorize with your daytime and evening wardrobe to make a statement of your taste and style. Keep in mind to NOT have this same mentality when you are engagement ring shopping. The design of this everyday ring should not matter whether you are wearing lounge pants, jeans, or a fancy dress. Your engagement ring deserves to make its own statement as a piece that reflects your individual identity and unique personality.

We have gathered some of our favorite jewelry designers carried exclusively by Icing On The Ring to share with you why their collections are our favorites:

Danhov’s handmade designs convey a precise and innovative feel. They are also known to have eco-friendly jewelry.

Tacori’s one-of-a-kind designs are easily recognizable and unmistakable with their patented signature crescents accenting every one of their heirloom-oriented rings.

Gabriel&Co’s intricate, delicate styles present classic themes with art-deco influences to their collection of rings.


Which collection appeals to you?

1-2, Danhov.
3-4, Tacori.
4-5, Gabriel & Co’s Amavida.

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The Uh-Oh’s of Engagement Rings.

Accidents happen all the time. Even the most cautious person might be confronted with the unfortunate dilemma of having lost her diamond engagement ring or wedding band. However, the anxiety associated with even the most extreme cases of loss will be reduced by obtaining the appropriate insurance for your wedding set, which is an important yet easy step. Here are the most common circumstances under which rings can be lost:

-Traveling. There are many ways to lose your ring while you are vacationing and diverted from your everyday routine. You might not realize that you’d forgotten it by the sink in the airplane’s lavatory or on the bedside nightstand of your hotel room until the opportunity to retrieve it is gone. Note: you should NOT have to remove your rings when going through airport security’s metal detector.

-Water Ways. Your ring can easily slide off your finger while you’re taking a dip in the pool or wading in the ocean at the beach, for cold water causes the fingers to both shrink AND become slippery.

-Public Restrooms. Always, always, always check that your ring is still on your finger before exiting a restroom, especially a public one where all kinds of strangers are constantly walking in and out. After washing your hands, double check (trust me, from experience)… If you leave it on, it might slip off your finger and down the drain. When taking it off beforehand, don’t leave it by the sink, where you could easily forget it.

-Trash. Whether unintentionally knocking it off your desk and into the waste basket at work or unwittingly sliding it off while drying your hands with a paper towel in the ladies’ room, once it winds up with the trash it will be gone for good.

Now that you are aware of some of the mishaps that can occur, be mindful of your fingers to ensure that your dazzling rock is still there!

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Icing On The Ring has gathered a full list of Tacori’s Engagement Rings that have been on the hot list for the year of 2014. Any of these engagement rings can be made in any precious metal you desire, such as, Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. As a Platinum Partner of Tacori, styles listed below are available at Icing On The Ring including a wide variety of fashion jewelry and wedding bands.


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Rose Gold: Metal of the Moment

Whether you are in the process of choosing an engagement ring or just pinning pictures of them on your board, do ever you notice which color metal you have been gravitating towards? Most of those pictures you save are likely to be of platinum or white gold. Lately, though, we’ve been noticing a trend of rose gold engagement rings. Some might be surprised that such a color could even be an option, while others who already know of and are intrigued by it might nevertheless wonder just how it could enhance their wedding jewelry.

Since the beginning of 2014, the metal of the moment for engagement rings has been rose gold. This warm, soft, blushing metal gives off a vintage, heirloom appearance as well as an air of romantic exclusivity. This fashionable trend has been taking many forms, from an all-rose wedding set to an alternating mix of metals among an engagement ring bookended between twin wedding bands. Rose gold can be incorporated into any type of setting, whether it’s a classic solitaire, a halo ring, or even a three-stone setting. If rose gold is not a part of your daily jewelry collection it can be a drastic change at first, but keep in mind that this choice of color would highlight your distinctive engagement ring against everything else in your wardrobe!


If you are feeling a little adventurous but do not want a dramatic change, a classic solitaire in rose gold can be a timeless look. Do you want more of a vintage, glamorous feel to your ring? Try a pave setting with milgrain accents that can create an effortless appearance. Tacori’s Pretty In Pink collection integrates the perfect tone of rose gold and exudes a dainty, unique, heirloom vibe that is complemented with their signature crescent design. Taking a look at this selection urges you to give rose gold a try.


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The weather is warming up, which means that spring has finally made an appearance. As you begin to switch your wardrobe from winter to spring, don’t forget to change up your jewelry too. Accessories are a fun and easy to way to make the transition from one season to the next.

This spring has many fun trends happening for Los Angeles jewelry. The runways were filled with fringe, not just on clothes but also on bracelets and necklaces. Trade in your heavy stones of winter for a lightweight fringe piece that seems to swing in the spring breeze. If fringe is too much of a statement, consider something smaller that still has a sense of flow, like a drop pendant.

The spring runways also focused on contrasting colors, like black and white. Mimic the trend with a jewelry piece that mixes metals, like white and gold or colored gems and diamonds. For a more spot-on way to do the trend, consider black and white diamond hoops.

Heavy, thick jewelry is big this spring. Look for cuffs and earrings with thicker-than-usual metals. Unusual sizes, twists and turns are also big this spring, so look for styles that are current, rather than traditional, as a way to upgrade pieces that are already in your wardrobe.

Gypsy style has replaced the bohemian look of seasons past, so consider going for the yellow gold with pieces like a citrine and diamond bracelet.

This spring, floral patterns have moved to foreground. Perfect for a traditional springtime look, our collection of Lauren G Adams includes plenty of floral designs. Pair floral bracelets, necklaces and earrings with breezy blouses in solid hues for a look that truly pops out and declares the season. If you’re feeling a little on the wild side, try mixing and matching shapes and colors with skinny print jeans in pastel hues for an even greater pop.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for this spring, or need some inspiration to pull together your spring look, the experts at Icing On The Ring are ready to introduce you to new designs and old favorites. So get rid of your heavy sweaters, but keep your heavy necklaces for a look that says spring 2013.

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