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Engagement Ring Selfie 101

Engagement Ring Selfie 101

Yes! He finally popped the question and now you have to share the news with the world. Right after you update your Facebook relationship status to engaged, everyone will be requesting a quick pic of your engagement ring. We created “Engagement Ring Selfie 101” to give brides tips on sharing the best #EngagementRingSelfie their family, friends, and followers have ever seen.

Color me captivated


Artists across the world rejoice when it comes to colorful images. Colors captivate audiences and your engagement ring should be shown in all its glory. The world is your palette and you should think about colors like an artist. Mix and match the color of the stone on your engagement ring to give contrast to your picture. Contrast is important in drawing attention to the main object. For example, a blue diamond or sapphire would look most vibrant and dynamic using an orange hue color scheme. Bold colors, vibrant backgrounds, your nails, or even the gem itself can capture the essence of your engagement ring. Colors can also create the mood of the picture. Warm colors have more of an orange or yellow tinge while cooler colors have a blue tint. Play around with these hues and you can set the mood of your engagement ring selfie, whether it’s a warm fuzzy feeling or the coolness of the rock on your finger.

Assess angles and shift settings


When taking your engagement ring selfie, keep in mind that sometimes your favorite details show best when looking at your ring on an angle. Play with that idea. You may even want to break out your camera’s instruction manual and look up the “macro” settings. When you find the perfect perspective, the macro setting will focus in on it. Get those creative juices flowing and start some hand modeling!

If the cut is excellent, the shine is magnificent


The cut of the diamond is the chosen style or design used when shaping the stone. The cut factors in symmetry, proportion, and polish. When cut properly, diamonds appear more luminous. Always remember that a diamond’s cut unleashes its light. As you notice the complex cut of your diamond, you will see a number of facets that add to the sparkle of your engagement ring. Lighting is one way to show off the luminous cut and breathtaking sparkle of your diamond. Many photographers take advantage of the “golden hour” to achieve perfect lighting. The time of day may vary depending on the season; however, we recommend using the time frame of approximately one hour before sunset. It’s the perfect time of day for natural light that will make your gems shine bright.

Find a brilliant backdrop

While your engagement ring will be the focus of the image, you can really show your personality in the backdrop. Try placing your hand on your favorite magazine, show off the company he bought the ring from, or take shots in front of your favorite spot. An interesting backdrop will increase the quality of your engagement ring selfie quite a bit.

Your engagement ring deserves its own spotlight. The key to a good photo is to make sure the audience knows what the main focus is. In this case, it’s your engagement ring. Using all those different techniques such as color contrasting and lighting, you can focus on capturing the essence of your engagement ring. Try not to make the image too cluttered, and choose just one of your best shots. Less is more and selecting only one photo will stand out for sure.

Crop & Photoshop


There are countless photo sharing tools for smartphones that can turn any regular picture into a work of art. The world of photography apps is endless and there are countless free options. Instagram is perhaps the most recognizable. With so many available filters, effects, and cropping tools, your engagement ring selfie will certainly stand out from the rest.

Find The Right Ring


An excellent engagement ring selfie starts with that remarkable ring. Here, at Icing on the Ring, we understand that your engagement ring is a sacred jewel. We will show you how the color, clarity, cut, and carat can affect the appearance of the diamond in your engagement ring. And we will guide you through every step in choosing a quality and awe-inspiring ring. Once your heart or sweetheart finds the perfect ring, it’s time for your friends and family to see the hand of the new bride-to-be

Habitual Hashtagging

Make it a habit to apply hashtags and share your engagement ring selfie with everyone including us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, using #EngagementRingSelfie.


Learn more about diamonds and engagement rings at IcingOnTheRing.com

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