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Hollywood movies may always have happy endings, with couples finding lasting love in innocuous settings from bookstores to subways. But in real life, lasting love seems to elude much of the Hollywood elite. However, we’ve rounded up a look at some of the rare Hollywood couples that have managed to find lasting love, despite the high turnover rates.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have partnered together on many film and television projects, including Volunteers, Sleepless in Seattle, and That Thing You Do as well as My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Married since 1988, the couple seems to have found lasting love. Whether on or off-screen, the couple has a chemistry that works, thanks to their dedication to maintaining their private lives in the public eye.

Despite rock stars having notoriously busy schedules, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have been married since 2002, a rarity in the celebrity world. Although the couple has had their ups and downs, they still manage to stay together, despite constant rumors of their lasting love coming to an end.

Despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, Warren Beatty finally settled down with Annette Benning in 1991. The couple made their lasting love official in 1992 and have since gone on to have children.

Another celebrity couple that has been together since 1988 is Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. Despite having different schedules that keep them apart for long periods of time, the couple are committed to making sure that lasting love is always a priority by compromising and putting their relationship first.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have been weathering rumors of a breakup since 1991, when they first tied the knot. Despite the rumors and personal tragedies, John and Kelly seem to have found lasting love because, so far, nothing has managed to break them up.

In some cases, the secret to a famous couple having lasting love is because only half the couple is a celebrity. Like Bono & his wife Alison Hewson. The pair have been together since 1975, but only put a ring on it in 1982. The couple work on many projects together and Alison has become known in philanthropic circles for her devotion to various causes.

Then there’s Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean. Although Dolly likes to stand out, with big hair and even bigger jewelry, her husband is a notorious recluse. The couple met at a Laundromat back in 1964, showing that you never know where lasting love will turn up.

While many celebrity couples decide to celebrate their lasting love with a supersized engagement ring, not every couple that is lucky enough to find lasting love can afford a big rock. At Icing On The Ring, couples can find a multitude of affordable engagement ring options and professional advice on picking the right one for them. Give us a call or stop by our expansive showroom in the Los Angeles Jewelry District to find the ring that completes your lasting love.

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While few things are constant in your wardrobe, thanks to seasonal changes, styles going out faster than they moved in, that pesky matter of weight fluctuations, one thing that will last forever, no matter what your hair color happens to be, is your engagement ring.

Finding lasting love is no easy task—you’ve probably kissed more than a few frogs on your way to finding your prince. Once you have found him, you will need the perfect accessory to make sure that your ring finger sparkles as brightly as your love—and matches your personal style.

Each couple is unique in their approach to engagement ring shopping. Many men end up floundering around before they find “the ring.” Other couples find that their lasting love has created an openness in the relationship and they are able to shop for rings together. With other couples, she wants to be surprised, but not “too surprised” so she drops hints. Hints can mean mentioning celebrity engagement rings that she admires or even sending her BFF ring shopping. Further subtle and not-so-subtle hints may include things like gawking at every nearby jewelry store or sighing over the romance of the season, which is generally any time from the holidays to Valentine’s Day. A more direct approach could be sending links to rings and engagement announcements or leaving magazines open to ring ads.

Once your man has taken the hint, be sure to know exactly what you want, whether it’s a classic white diamond solitaire that will go with your chinos and tennis dresses or a colored stone that will pop against the black that makes up most of your wardrobe. Be sure to consider all of your personal preferences when you hint around; if you’re very active you may not want stones that go all the way around the band because you may knock them out. If you tend to work with your hands, one large center stone may be unwieldy, so a more balanced 3-stone setting could be better. As far as cut and clarity, you can do your research on those, but an expert jeweler can demonstrate and explain what they mean and how you know what to look for.

 When you start hunting around for the perfect engagement ring, remember that the ring is just a token to represent your lasting love, not necessarily a material possession that takes a lot of funding. There are plenty of beautiful and affordable rings available that will suit any couple’s finances. Because an engagement ring might not be the secret to lasting love, but it sure does accessorize it nicely.

We might not be able to help you find your true love, but we can help you find the perfect engagement ring. Stop by Icing On The Ring in the L.A. Jewelry District or feel free to give us a call for some advice. After all, like lasting love, diamonds are forever, so you want to make sure you make the perfect selection.

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You’ve already found the love of your dreams. Now we want to help you find the perfect ring.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of questions about diamond engagement rings. For such a tiny treasure they can seem quite complicated, and buying a diamond can be an intimidating experience. But it doesn’t need to be. Here you’ll find much of what you’ll need to make an informed diamond purchase. We and our guest bloggers will help you understand how every diamond is different from the next, and why some are much more valuable than others. We’ll be covering trends, styles, and topics that range from the heart to the wallet… basically wherever love, romance and beautiful design may take us.

Icing on the Ring is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, we are the top rated jeweler of the Los Angeles Jewelry District, and distinguished as LA’s exclusive source for top designer names like Tacori. We’ve been family-owned and family-operated since 1969, and specialize in engagement rings, wedding bands and loose diamonds.

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